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About us

Shenyang Huayang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Chen Wanming, who enjoys special allowances from the State Council for his life due to his outstanding contributions to the research and development of cone crushers. The company has been producing and developing various types of cone crushers for a long time.

Since its establishment in 1999, Huayang Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of quality and has made great contributions in the field of cone crushers and the market. In addition to gaining widespread recognition in various regions in China, its various products are also sold in Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa and have gained high-quality reputation.

Design advantage

In terms of design, the company’s R&D team has been committed to product improvement and new product development for a long time. It has independent R&D and design capabilities, and has obtained patents in structural sealing, which has effectively improved similar products in the market such as oil leakage and high energy consumption. Common problems with crushers. The improvement of the structure of the cone crusher enables it to ensure a beautiful stone shape, while the output has been greatly improved, which is 15% higher than the output of the traditional cone crusher (because the specific output is related to the hardness of the stone and other natural properties, 15% is the average increase).


Service advantage

In terms of services, the company provides pre-sales process design and equipment selection, after-sales provides on-site installation, commissioning, technical training, product use tracking services, and timely provides high-quality spare parts and maintenance.


In terms of production and technology, the various types of crushers produced by the company strictly control the selection of materials and parts, and the production process and technology are refined to achieve good quality and performance.

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